Calling all moonshots.
Pitches will take place on 09/02/2017, and have a total of 10 minutes allowed:
~5 minutes for pitching ~
~5 minutes for Q&A ~

Focus Areas .
If you don't identify as either, select "General" in the application.
Eligibility requirements
- At least ONE leading member of your team must be a UCL student. -
- You must be available on February 9th for pitching. -

- AVP/Lab Engagement Lead, Deutsche Bank Labs
- Head of Innovation Technology, Cisco UK/I
- Investment Lead, Accelerated Digital Ventures
- Senior Acceleration Manager, Wayra
- Associate, Venture Capital, JAG Shaw Baker
- Director of Early Stage Banking, Silicon Valley Bank
- and more...

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Team Members. How many of you? Names and courses? *

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Problem: What's the problem you're trying to solve for the customer? *

Please include, if available, relevant statistics and data.
Solution: What are you offering to the customer? *

Please describe your solution, and why it is innovative in terms of technology and/or business model.
Market. Have you undergone market research and testing to identify the demand for your solution? *

Testing. Have you tested your solution to make sure it is feasible? *

Sales. Have you identified how your solution will reach the market? *

Marketing. Have you identified how people will become aware of your solution? *

Competitors. Do you have any? Who are they? *

Pitching. Have you pitched your idea before? *

i.e. to a friend, colleague, investor, stranger, your dog...
If you haven't, come to our Pitch Practice session on January 31st!
Where do see your startup in 1 year? *

Be ambitious, but realistic.
Please send us your business plan, pitch deck and relevant supporting documents/metrics to with the subject "Liftoff".

Not required, but will add strength to your application.
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